Nutrition Nutrition



Port Lincoln Child Care is a ‘Start Right Eat Right” centre. Parents/guardians provide a packed lunch following the Centre’s nutrition policy. We provide morning and afternoon tea which is also in accordance with our nutrition policy.


Many children have allergies to certain foods and therefore require very strict monitoring in regards to their intake. Parents are required to notify the centre if their child has an allergy. We display the child’s photo along with a description of the allergy on an allergy board.

Staff have undergone Anaphylaxis First Aid Training and when medication is required for an allergy parents/guardians are asked to leave that medication at the Centre and provide us with an action plan completed by a doctor. The Centre has excluded peanuts and peanut products due to the high allergy risk in young children.


If your child has a birthday coming up and you would like to arrange something special for them, please speak to our staff in advance.